Age of Ultron

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Age of Ultron

Postby Gundragon » Fri May 24, 2013 12:21 pm

Has anyone been reading this? I have been following all the books and the tie in's and so on...All I can say is ... WOW.
I really like how they did this series. Between this and the Superior Spider-man, I cannot stop reading them. I am still upset about Superior Spider-Man, but its a train wreck that I just cannot put down.
As for Age of Ultron, it is a fast pace, heart breaking, constantly changing thrill ride in my honest opinion. Starting with Ultron and then moving through space and time and killing off characters...yes, characters you would not think of dieing. Then going into time to change events there and then coming back to the current time to see what happened and...well, all I can say is I am hooked on this one. Want to hear other peoples take on this issue. I will gladly post more about the series and how it goes about everything, but want to hear opinions first.

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