How Are You Feeling About Clix Right Now?

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How Are You Feeling About Clix Right Now?

Postby jaxongamer » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:37 pm

Hey everyone! So I noticed something about myself (heroclixwise) the other day and was wondering if other people are feeling the same way. I noticed that other the last six months that my heroclix playing has went from once a week, to bi-monthly, barely once a month. Given the choice I find myself preferring video games or doing some home improvement over a tournament. I've also noticed a drop off of players at my local venue. I know that personally its a mixture of me waiting for the new rules to come out and for the weather to get colder before I jump back in. My local players are being overwhelmed with all the new product that is coming out every time we turn around. So I am wondering, are your guys feeling the same way and do you think the new rules are going to be what you need to get yourself and new players back into the game?
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How Are You Feeling About Clix Right Now?

Postby Jason Potapoff » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:10 pm

I am sort of waiting for the new rules to come out before deciding on whether or not I will do another season of the Playground. I am still playing once a week at my local venue but attendance is a little shaky there. A big part of that is we have a group of people who play ultra competitive teams and that's killing the fun for the more casual players in the group.

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