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Re: Feats has included a Dice Roll

Postby Lancelot » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:04 am

DC Feats:

lgF001 Armor Piercing
lgF002 Damage Shield
lgF003 In Contact With Oracle
lgF004 Fortitude
lgF005 Large Object
lgF006 Lazarus Pit
lgF007 Stunning Blow
lgF008 Trick Shot

ioF001 Submerged
ioF002 Slippery
ioF003 Divebomb
ioF004 Sidekick
ioF005 Unstoppable
ioF006 Brilliant Tactician
ioF007 Siphon Power
ioF008 Swingline
ioF009 Darkness Within

Collateral Damage:
cdF001 Inspiring Command
cdF002 Flashbang
cdF003 Ambush
cdF005 Movethrough
cdF006 Running Start
cdF007 Look! Up In The Sky!

Green Lantern Collector Set:
glF001 Construct

orF001 Mercenary
orF002 Disintegrate
orF003 Dissent
orF004 Coordination
orF005 Triage
orF006 Pounce
orF007 Repulsor
orF008 Compel
orF009 Entrench
orF010 Thwart

Legion of Super-Heroes:
lsF001 Drag

Justice League:
jlF001 Point Blank
jlF002 Endurance
jlF003 Brilliant Tactician
jlF006 Unstoppable
jlF007 Contingency Plan

crF002 Cannonball
crF003 Opportunist
crF004 Sidestep
crF100 Giant Stride
crF101 Fall Back
crF102 Maneuver

Arkham Asylum:
aaF001 Scatter!
aaF002 Lunge
aaF003 Suppressive Fire
aaF004 Getaway
aaF005 Skullduggery
aaF006 Flashbang
aaF101 Book of Destiny
aaF102 Enervation
aaF103 Retaliation
aaF104 Precision Demolition

The Brave & The Bold:
bbF001 Show Off
bbF002 Power Barrage
bbF003 Not So Special
bbF004 Recharge

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