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Re: Feats has included a Dice Roll has included a Dice Roll

Postby Lancelot » Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:10 pm

Marvel Feats:

Mutant Mayhem:
F001 Automatic Regeneration
F002 Fastball Special
F003 Haymaker
F004 Passenger
F005 Pounce
F006 Rip It Up
F007 Taunt
F008 Trick Shot

Fantastic Forces:
F001 Force Field
F002 Shake Off
F003 Brilliant Tactician
F004 Nova Blast
F005 Double-Time
F006 Unstoppable

Armor Wars:
F002 Life Model Decoy
F003 Protected
F004 Homing Device
F005 Extended Range
F006 Saboteur
F007 Armor Piercing
F008 Shellhead
F009 Nanobots
F010 Repulsor Shield

F001 Pummel
F002 Knockdown
F003 Entangle
F004 Heightened Reflexes
F005 Vault
F006 Vendetta
F007 Indomitable
F008 Camouflage

Danger Room:
F001 Lucky Break

F002 Sneak
F003 Toxic Burst
F004 Sunder
F005 Tactics
F006 Whirlwind
F007 Mental Shields
F008 Thundering Blow

Days of Future Past:
F002 Revenge

Marvel 2099:
F001 Call To Arms
F002 Nanoarmor

F001 Stunning Blow
F002 Telekinetic Reach
F003 Fortitude

Mutations & Monsters
F001 Streak of Luck
F002 Terrify
F003 Inside Information
F004 Monster Hunter
F005 Outsmart
F006 Takedown
F100 Warbound
F101 Shockwave

Secret Invasion:
F001 Spotter
F002 Infiltrate
F003 Vendetta
F004 Loner
F005 Camouflage
F006 Alias
F101 Healing Factor
F102 Disassemble
F103 Improvise
F104 Invigorate

Hammer of Thor:
F001 Ambidextrous
F002 Starstruck Admirer
F003 Vampirism
F004 Elite Sniper
F005 Pym Particles
F101 Blood Oath
F102 Immortal Contempt

Web of Spider-Man
F101 Frog Legs

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