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Re: Objects has included a Dice Roll has included a Dice Rol has included a Dice Roll

Postby Lancelot » Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:04 pm

Marvel Special Objects:

Infinity Challenge:
S001 Bookcase
S002 Office Desk
S003 Computer
S004 Soda Machine
S005 Crate
S006 Mailbox
S007 Dumpster
S008 Light Post

S001 Stepladder
S002 Statue

Danger Room:
S001 Broken Drone
S002 Generator

S001 Meteorite
S002 Satellite

S001 Force Field Generator
S002 Dark Cauldron

Mutations & Monsters:
S001 Tombstone
S002 Shield Disruptor
S100 Eleha'al Vine

Hammer of Thor:
S101 Mjolnir

Web of Spider-Man:
S001 Spider-Man's Webbing (Webs)
S002 Spider-Man's Webbing (Body)

Giant-Size X-Men:
S101 Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

Captain America:
S101 Scorpio Key

Incredible Hulk:
S101 Gamma Bomb
S102 Globe of Ultimate Knowledge

Infinity Gauntlet:
S101 Soul Gem
S102 Power Gem
S103 Time Gem
S104 Space Gem
S105 Reality Gem
S106 Mind Gem

Galactic Guardians:
S101 Nova Helmet
S102 Cosmic Cube

Chaos War:
S101 Iron Man Briefcase Armor
S102 Tank Turret

Amazing Spider-Man:
S101 Eye of Agamotto
S102 Dr. Octopus Arms

Fear Itself:
S101 Kuurth's Hammer
S102 Mokk's Hammer
S103 Skirn's Hammer
S104 Greithoth's Hammer
S105 Nerkkod's Hammer
S106 Nul's Hammer
S107 Angrir's Hammer
S201 Skadi's Hammer
S301 Uru Forge

Invincible Iron Man:
S001 Impact Beam Ring (Right Index)
S002 Vortex Beam (Right Middle)
S003 White Light (Left Thumb)
S004 Flame Blast (Left Index)
S005 Mento-Intensifier (Left Ring)
S006 Ice Blast (Left Pinky)
S007 Matter Rearranger (Right Thumb)
S008 Black Light (Right Pinky)
S009 Electro Blast (Left Middle)
S101 Disintegration Beam (Right Ring)

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