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Re: Battlefield Conditions has included a Dice Roll has incl has included a Dice Roll

Postby Lancelot » Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:13 pm

Marvel Battlefield Conditions:

Mutant Mayhem:
BF001 Darkness
BF002 Earthquake
BF003 Crosswinds
BF004 Ordinary Day
BF005 War Zone
BF006 White Noise

Fantastic Forces:
BF001 Astral Plane
BF002 Atlantis Rising
BF003 Low Gravity
BF004 Poor Teamwork
BF005 Power Dampening Field
BF006 Disbanded!

Armor Wars:
BF001 Armor Wars
BF002 Inertial Interference Field
BF003 Isolation
BF004 Assembled

BF001 Ground Zero
BF002 Back Alley Brawl
BF003 Telekinetic Strain
BF004 Rushed Assault

Danger Room
BF001 Fearless Assault

BF001 Damage Control
BF002 Alpha Strike
BF003 Extraordinary Day
BF004 Loyalty
BF005 Poor Teamwork

Days of Future Past:
BF002 Resistance

BF001 Ordinary Day
BF002 Wasteland
BF003 Exhaustion
BF004 Inferno
BF005 Atlantis Rising

Mutations & Monsters:
BF001 Deep Shadows
BF002 Krakoa, The Living Island
BF003 Malice
BF100 The Great Arena

Secret Invasion:
BF001 Skrull Kill Krew
BF002 Disruption
BF003 Sabotage
BF101 Nowhere To Hide

Hammer of Thor
BF001 Fimbulwinter
BF002 Cosmic Radiation Interference
BF003 Malfunction
BF004 Knockout Gas
BF100 Legendary Day

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